Intensive Driving Courses

There are a few things to bear in mind when you are thinking of undertaking an intensive driving course. You should try and time your course so that you already have a test date booked. There is, on average, a two week waiting list to sit the theory test and a five week waiting list to sit the practical driving test. This is determined by the DSA and is nothing to do with West-End-Drivng.

You have to have passed your theory test before you are allowed to go on and book your practical test. This often means that pupils are at least seven weeks away from actually being able to sit their test.

Pupils then usually decide to do one of two things: do all their lessons intensively over the course of a week or two or alternatively, they do a semi-intensive course in the weeks running up to the test. This can often be the more beneficial option, as it allows more time for the information that is taught in the lessons to be taken on board. The semi-intensive option may not fit in with people´s busy lives, so as a result the instructors at west-end-driving offer both types of training.

If booking an intensive driving course, the total cost is required to be paid in advance. This allows the instructor to confidently clear his diary for the specified days.