Driving Lessons in Partick

Learn To Drive in Partick

At West End Driving, we are proud to offer friendly, cheap driving lessons in Partick with only fully qualified ADI driving instructors who are very familiar with driving conditions in the Partick area.

We have built the following instructional guide to help pupils in Partick be more aware of the road and traffic conditions you will face while practicing your driving skills in and around the area.

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Test Centres Near Partick

If you are taking driving lessons in Partick, your closest Test Centre will be Anniesland Test Centre.

Anniesland Test Centre is located on Anniesland Road and covers Finnieston, Bearsden, Hardgate, Duntocher, Clydebank and all surrounding areas around Anniesland.

Speed Limits in Partick

When driving in and around Partick area there are a number of different speed limits particularly with “Twenty’s Plenty” signs. The maximum speed for these types of roads is 24 mph.

Partick has several schools located around the area and you should take note of any signs stating “when lights flash” – 20 mph is the maximum speed allowed while the flashing lights are displayed. These signs are normally flashing at start of school time, lunch times and school time ending. These signs are mandatory even if they are flashing outwith school times – you must obey, as they have a red circle. Only when you pass another speed limit sign can you exceed the 20 mph speed limit, as and when road conditions safely allow.

There are TWO speed camera in PARTICK area.

South Street with a fixed speed camera with a 30 mph speed limit.

Victoria Park Drive South at Westland Drive with a 30 mph speed limit, this camera is a dual red light / speed camera.

Where to Practice between Lessons in Partick?

Partick and surrounding areas have very few good areas to practice with family and friends due to the volume of congested traffic conditions, therefore taking pupils to nearby Anniesland and surrounding areas to get private practice.

You will find that Partick and the surrounding areas don’t attract a large number of learners as very few roads in and around Partick are not suitable for beginners i.e. for moving off and stopping, hill starts and manoeuvres. As and when your pupil progresses and feels that they have full control of there vehicle, Partick area is a good area to take them for town driving and forward planning due to how busy the roads can be.

Tips from our Instructors – Partick

The Expressway is a good route to take your pupil to deal with emerging from slip roads and join fast flowing traffic on the right if road conditions safely allow, also safely over take slow moving vehicles in the left had lane then merge back to the left hand lane when safe to do so.

The Expressway is also suitable to allow your pupils to take on various speed limits and forward plan to keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.

Weather conditions play a big part on the distance between you and the vehicle in front of you, with a two second rule when road conditions are dry and a 4 second rule when road conditions are wet.

Exiting the Expressway can be a bit daunting as when you leave a fast flowing road your speed feels a lot less than it appears to be, therefore we strongly advise you to check your speedometer to assess the correct speed you are travelling at and brake accordingly for the road that you are entering.

The Expressway is also a good route to take on independent driving as this allows the pupil to forward plan to take on various road signs and markings, thus giving you a fair idea to how your pupils are reading the road ahead.

Thornwood roundabout – when approaching this roundabout keep it very slow on approach as on each entrance there is a tight bend and your position is to keep to the right position for which route you which to take. When going straight ahead at Thornwood roundabout whether it be second or third exit, keep deep left – about 3 feet from kerb as some roundabouts are deeper than others, therefore not to impede on other vehicle that are turning right or on your right hand lane.

Heading along South Street towards city centre at the junction of turning left towards Thornwood roundabout, you have to give way to traffic that is turning right from South Street. Give way lines are very poor, but there is clearly a “Give Way” sign.

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