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Learn To Drive in Milngavie

At West End Driving, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality driving lessons in Milngavie from our friendly team of fully qualified driving instructors, who know the local area like the back of their hands.

We have compiled the following guide to some specific challenges and hazards that the Milngavie area poses to learner drivers, in order to help current pupils hone and develop their skills safely and comfortably between lessons.

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Test Centres Near Milngavie

If you are taking driving lessons in Milngavie, your closest Test Centre will be Anniesland Test Centre.

Anniesland Test Centre is located on Anniesland Road and covers Finnieston, Bearsden, Hardgate, Duntocher, Clydebank and all surrounding areas around Anniesland.

Speed Limits in Milngavie

When driving in and around Milngavie area there are a number of different speed limits particularly with “Twenty’s Plenty” signs. The maximum speed for these types of roads is 24 mph.

Milngavie has several schools located around the area and you should take note of any signs stating “when lights flash” – 20 mph is the maximum speed allowed while the flashing lights are displayed. These signs are normally flashing at start of school time, lunch times and school time ending. These signs are mandatory even if they are flashing outwith school times – you must obey, as they have a red circle. Only when you pass another speed limit sign can you exceed the 20 mph speed limit, as and when road conditions safely allow.

There is ONE speed camera in MILNGAVIE area.

Strathblane Road with a fixed speed camera with a 30 mph speed limit.

Where to Practice between Lessons in Milngavie?

Milngavie and surrounding areas have plenty of good areas to practice manoeuvres.

If you were to get private practice with family or friends you could use a number of locations to practice the Turn in Road, Reverse Round Corner and Parallel Park manoeuvres.

In and around Prestonfield there are a few good corners for the Reverse to the Left Corner.

In and around the Mains Estate there are a few good corners for the Reverse to the Left Corner.

Keystone Avenue is particularly good area to practice Turn in Road and Parallel Park exercises.

You will find that Milngavie and the surrounding areas don’t attract a large number of learners as very few roads in and around Milngavie are only suitable for beginners i.e. for moving off and stopping, hill starts and manoeuvres. When you have achieved these objectives you should then be able to drive further afield from Milngavie.

Tips from our Instructors – Milngavie

Junction at Baldernock Road and Glasgow Road crossroads – a high number drivers will try and turn right onto Glasgow Road without giving way to traffic going straight ahead from Baldernock Road.

Travelling north along dual carriageway on Main Street heading onto Woodburn Way the outside lane is clearly marked that vehicles have to emerge to the left hand lane, when safe to do so. Unfortunately many drivers choose to ignore the high way code at this point and choose to move to the left hand lane without the due care to other road users, so be extra careful when approaching the junction.

Milngavie attracts a high number of cyclists as there are cycle lanes in both directions on Main Street. Keep well back and give the cyclist enough space when overtaking, so that you don’t cause the cyclist to feel unsafe. Treat a cyclist as you would do with a slow moving vehicle.

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