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Learn To Drive in Maryhill

At West End Driving, we offer friendly, cheap driving lessons in Maryhill from a hugely experienced team of fully qualified instructors, who have been successfully teaching people to drive in Maryhill for many years.

The following information pack has been written to help learner drivers to learn about some of the difficulties and challenges you will face while practicing your driving skills in and around the Maryhill area.

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Test Centres Near Maryhill

If you are taking driving lessons in Maryhill, your closest Test Centre will be Anniesland Test Centre or Bishopbriggs Test Centre.

Anniesland Test Centre is located on Anniesland Road and covers Finnieston, Bearsden, Hardgate, Duntocher, Clydebank and all surrounding areas around Anniesland.

Bishopbriggs Test Centre is located on Crosshill Road and covers Cowcaddens, Firhill, Port Dundas, Possil Park, Robroyston, Ruchill, Springburn and all surrounding areas around Bishopbriggs.

Speed Limits in Maryhill

When driving in and around Maryhill area there are a number of different speed limits particularly with “Twenty’s Plenty” signs. The maximum speed for these types of roads is 24 mph.

There are a large number of bus lanes both full time and part time in and around the Maryhill area.

Maryhill has several schools located around the area and you should take note of any signs stating “when lights flash” – 20 mph is the maximum speed allowed while the flashing lights are displayed. These signs are normally flashing at start of school time, lunch times and school time ending. These signs are mandatory even if they are flashing outwith school times – you must obey, as they have a red circle. Only when you pass another speed limit sign can you exceed the 20 mph speed limit, as and when road conditions safely allow.

There are no speed camera in MARYHILL area.

That’s not to say that you should speed throughout Maryhill and surrounding areas!

Where to Practice between Lessons in Maryhill?

Maryhill and surrounding areas have a few good areas to get private practice with family and friends.

Ruchill is a good place for beginners as you can practice clutch control for hill starts and moving off and stopping. Gear change and road positioning is also good for practicing around Ruchill.

There are a number of good roads in and around Ruchill for practicing Turn in Road, Reverse Round Corner to the Left and Reverse Park exercises.

Summerston is a very good area for beginners as these roads allow for build up and left and right turns from major to minor roads.

As and when your pupil progresses and feels that they have full control of there vehicle taking them onto busier roads like Maryhill Road or Byres Road is good for them to practice town driving and forward planning due to how busy the roads can be.

Tips from our Instructors – Maryhill

Travelling on Bilslands Drive heading towards Maryhill Road / Queen Margaret Drive you will encounter a sharp bend to the left, keep slow when entering the bend as you can’t see out of the bend, therefore not knowing if there are any vehicles sitting just out of sight at the crossroads.

Travelling on Queen Margaret Drive heading towards Maryhill Road, Bilslands Drive, there is a 24 hour bus lane, clearly signed and marked with a different colour of road tar. You cannot enter this bus lane unless you are driving a bus or taxi or peddling a push bike.

There are a large number of bus lanes both full time and part time in and around the Maryhill area. You can use the bus lanes outwith the times shown on the sign ie Mon – Fri (Sat) after 09.30 up till 16.00 hrs and then after 18.30 up till 07.00 hrs next day.

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