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Learn To Drive in Clydebank

At West End Driving, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality, cheap driving lessons in Clydebank using only fully qualified driving instructors who know the Clydebank area intimately.

We have created the guide below to assist those currently studying to pass their driving test to become familiar with driving conditions throughout the Clydebank area.

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Test Centres Near Clydebank

If you are taking driving lessons in Clydebank, your closest Test Centre will be Anniesland Test Centre.

Anniesland Test Centre is located on Anniesland Road and covers Finnieston, Bearsden, Hardgate, Duntocher, Clydebank and all surrounding areas around Anniesland.

Speed Limits in Clydebank

When driving in and around Clydebank area there are a number of different speed limits particularly with “Twenty’s Plenty” signs. The maximum speed for these types of roads is 24 mph.

Clydebank has several schools located around the area and you should take note of any signs stating “when lights flash” – 20 mph is the maximum speed allowed while the flashing lights are displayed. These signs are normally flashing at start of school time, lunch times and school time ending. These signs are mandatory even if they are flashing outwith school times – you must obey, as they have a red circle. Only when you pass another speed limit sign can you exceed the 20 mph speed limit, as and when road conditions safely allow.

There is 1 speed camera in CLYDEBANK area:

Glasgow Road, this is a mobile speed camera with a 30 mph speed limit.

Where to Practice between Lessons in Clydebank?

Clydebank and surrounding areas have a few good areas to get private practice with family and friends.

If you’re a beginner a good place to start off is the area near Golden Jubilee Hospital, using Beardmore Way and Beardmore Street. These roads are quiet and good for moving off / stopping, use of gears and parking exercises. Also good for practising the Reverse Park exercise too.

As and when your pupil progresses and feels that they have full control of their vehicle taking them onto busier roads like Dumbarton Road, Drumry Road, Kilbowie Road is good for them to practice town driving and forward planning due to how busy the roads can be.

Clydebank has many roundabouts in and around Clydebank Shopping Centre.

Tips from our Instructors – Clydebank

Kilbowie roundabout is a spiral roundabout, but on approach to the rounadbout heading along Great Western Road towards Hardgate / Duntocher the road signs are wrongly marked and can be misleading. The signs state that you have to take up the far right lane on approach for Hardgate / Duntocher. This will take you that destination, but you will have to leave the roundabout on the right hand lane and then emerge to the left lane as and when it’s safe to do so, as the road you entered bottlenecks into the one lane. Local knowledge will tell you that you can use the middle lane for the same destination, but this time you will exit on the left hand lane. As it’s a spiral roundabout you stay in the same lane throughout the roundabout and keep looking for any traffic lights changing when emerging.

Great Western Retail Park – there is a series of roundabouts when entering the retail park. Keep your speed down, as this allows you to look, assess and decide if it’s safe to emerge onto the roundabouts.

Travelling along Argyll Road heading towards the ASDA superstore, for taking the road straight ahead you have to take up the right hand lane on approach to the roundabout, as the left hand lane is for vehicles turning left only into the retail park.

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