ADI Training

West End Driving offer PDI driving instructor training courses, which will take you through all the required stages to help you become a confident, fully qualified Approved Driving Instructor (ADI).

Our advanced ADI training courses are designed to help you meet the requirements of the three part ADI test, covering Driving Theory, Driving Ability and Instructional Ability.

ADI Driving Theory Test

The ADI Driving Theory Test is the first test you must pass, and consists of a multiple choice question test and a hazard perception video test. As you would expect the ADI Theory test expects a higher level of knowledge than you required for your own personal driving theory test.

ADI Driving Ability Test

The ADI Driving Ability Test is the second test you must pass, and consists of eyesight and vehicle safety tests, as well as the in-depth test of your driving ability. As with the Theory test, the Driving Ability test requires you to demonstrate a greater level of skill and knowledge than was expected for your own personal driving test.

Once you have passed the Driving Theory (ADI Part 1) and Driving Ability (ADI Part 2) tests you will be entitled to apply for a ‘trainee licence‘. This trainee licence lasts for six months, and permits you to gain experience instructing pupils to drive while getting paid. We can explain the various rules (eg ‘fit and proper person’ test, advertising restrictions and trainee licence removal criteria) and options (eg supervision of lessons / extra training) affecting your trainee licence.

Instructional Ability Test

The third and final part of the ADI test is the Instructional Ability Test, which assesses your core competencies (eg identifying, analysing and correcting pupil faults), teaching method (eg instructing and communicating appropriately to the pupil), as well as creating the right learning environment (eg confident, friendly and relaxed).

Our driving instructor trainers have a vast amount of experience, and between them have trained many of the current driving instructors in Glasgow and around Scotland – so you know you will be in good hands.

We will also advise you about the additional requirements of the ADI qualifying process, such as the criminal records check that you need to arrange if you are starting the ADI qualifying process, or indeed if you are renewing your registration at a later point.

For more information, and to book your first ADI training session please call us today.